Galway Atlantaquaria - Putting the Sea into the SESE Curriculum!

Welcome to our Discover Primary Science and Maths Seashore Sensations Project

Galway Atlantaquaria offer a range of 2 to 4 hour Science Workshops based around the Materials, Energy and Forces, Environmental Awareness and Care, and Living Things modules of the SESE Curriculum, aimed primarily at 8-12 year old children and adaptable for younger students.

  1. The basic project involves a trip to Atlantaquaria, and can be made up of two to four modules:
  2. Fun Experiments and Activities in our “Explorer’s Laboratory”. Based on materials and energy and forces.
  3. A Guided tour of the aquarium during which students will observe native marine life and look for differences in shape, colour, habitat


Science Special Offers

Guided Tour of the Aquarium (60 min)

During this interactive tour students study some of Ireland's amazing marine and freshwater life, hold a spider crab and a starfish and help our staff feed some of our fish.


Add one or more of the following options to enhance your science experience at Galway Atlantaquaria

Option A

Science Experiments (50 min)

Bring science to life in our Explorers laboratory. Observe marine life under the microscope, launch rockets and make slime to investigate materials and energy and forces. If you enjoyed the experiments that you carried out at the aquarium you can see the details of some of them on our experiments page.

Option B

Animal Anatomy (50 min interactive presentation and dissection)

Learn about different types of animals and their special features, such as camouflage and body shape. Take a closer look at a very special invertebrate while taking part in a squid dissection.



Option C

Seashore Safari (90 min)

Take a trip to our local shore, Grattan Beach to learn about Galway’s seashore life. Identify the animals and plants found there and how they live together. This activity is subject to weather and tides and can be carried out with a maximum of 30 children at an additional cost of €2 per child.



Opinion D

Maths Trail and Workshop

Celebrate Maths in the aquarium and help your students discover the shapes and numbers all around them. Designed for Maths week, this Explorers Maths workshop provides students with a guided tour of the aquarium, with maths integrated and a maths activity in our classroom. 


Maths Challenges will include:

·         Finding out who there is more of in the aquarium, starfish or lobsters?

·         Estimating and measuring our Fin Whale Skeleton

·         Helping us complete the aquarium work timetable

·         Investigating marine food chains and marine litter during our fishing game (senior cycle)

·         Sorting shells and creating patterns (junior cycle)

·         Measuring the height the our lighthouse (senior cycle)

·         Comparing and sorting marine animals (junior cycle)

·         Completing Tarsia Puzzles (senior cycle)


Students will be provided with a maths worksheet and a certificate of participation.


Opinion E

Engineering Trail and Workshop

E stands for Engineering. In association with STEPS engineering and SFI Discover, we are delighted to announce an Engineering Trail of Galway Atlantaquaria is now available. This trail focuses students on how engineering is essential to the everyday running of the aquarium. The workshop includes a guided tour of the aquarium, which follows this trail, plus an investigation into coastal defences and storms in our Explorers Classroom. Students will be provided with an engineering worksheet and a certificate of participation.