We are delighted to announce that the Explorers Classroom and Laboratory has been redecorated in time for this years

- School tours,

- Easter and Summer Science Camps and

- Explorers Teacher Training in July.


Check out our pictures to see how our old office space upstairs has been turned into a classroom and laboratory for exploring science







Concerns about Dusty in Doolin

Friday, 26 July 2013 19:29

Press Release from the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Ggroup (IWDG) have put up posters around Doolin slip and harbour warning about the hazards of swimming with Dusty, the bottlenose dolphin.After another swimmer was badly hurt by Dusty in Doolin Harbour last Thursday, Clare County Council contacted Simon Berrow of the IWDG to ask if they would prepare signage to erect around the pier warning people about the dangers of swimming with Dusty.

Apparently the woman, who was visiting the area from Westport, Co Mayo was rammed in the abdomen by the dolphin and was transported to A&E in Galway Hospital. At least three or four other people have been rammed so hard by Dusty, resulting in their being admitted to hospital.  One woman was medivaced back to Germany after she was rammed by Dusty in Fanore. This may only be the tip of the iceberg.

It is IWDG policy to discourage people swimming with whales and dolphins in Ireland. The risk is not only to humans but also to the dolphin as habituation to humans increases risk of injury or death to the dolphin. Around 80% of such interactions worldwide end up in the death or severe injury of the dolphins involved.

IWDG drafted a poster recommending people do not swim with Dusty, but if they must then they should respect her as a wild dolphin and do not grab, lunge or chase after her.  If she shows agressive behaviour or is boisterous they should leave the water. This poster was approved by Clare County Council and 20 posters were distributed locally on Thursday morning. The local lifeguards were consulted and posters tied to the railings on the pier. The ferry boat operators working out of Doolin were especially grateful that somebody was addressing this issue and an additional 10 posters have been sent to Doolin so every vessel can display them.

IWDG acknowledges that many people have had a fantastic encounter with Dusty and have built up a personal relationship with the dolphin.  However IWDG is very concerned that many visitors, especially in the summer, do not recognise the signals that Dusty sends out when she is not happy with their behaviour.  Ignoring such signs or behaving inappropriately has led on a number of occasions to aggressive interactions with some people being severly injured.

If this continues, it may lead to a fatality and there will be strong pressure to remove or destroy the dolphin. If you really are concerned about Dusty you will not swim with her, or at least if you do,  you should show her the respect a wild dolphin is entitled to. Dusty has been in North Clare at least since 2000, where she was first seen around "the jump" near Doolin. The IWDG held a public meeting in 2000 to discuss with the local community what might be the implications and consequences of her long-term presence in the area. That winter she moved to Fanore and also spent extended periods in Miltown Malbay but has now returned to Doolin.

IWDG, together with the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation will continue to monitor the sitauation and work with the local community and authorities to ensure the dolphin, and people, do not come to harm.

A PDF of the poster can be downloaded from www.iwdg.ie

We are delighted to announce that Blessing Sanyanga will be launching his Blueprint Exhibition at World Oceans Day celebrations at the aquarium on Sunday the 2nd June! He will also be running some sculpting workshops, so now is your chance to come along and learn from the experts!


Blueprint Exhibition: Summer 2013

I am delighted to present Blueprint, an exhibition of sea life sculptures in Italian marble, Irish limestone and bog-oak.

The idea the exhibition stems from the influence that the sea has had on my work ove the last eleven years. The transition from Zimbabwe, a land-locked country to Ireland, an island surrounded by the sea has caused a gradual change in both my choice of subject matter and the progression in my style of work. Our surroundings are an integral source of ideas and this is definitely true for Blueprint. Whether we like it or not, all creation is inspired by nature.

As human beings we are connected to the sea, using her resourcers, power and nature for our benefit. Ireland has a particularly strong connection to the sea and a rich heritage of seafaring people. I have enjoyed time getting to know the coast of Ireland and exploring the sea and its dominant nature on the landscape, culture and music of Ireland.

Each of the sculptures has a story to tell. The shark, master of the ocean, powerfully swishes through the sea, confident that he has been engineered by nature to a more sophisticated extent than humans could ever attempt. The mermaid, mythical temptress of the sea sings out an enchanting song from the shore.

I pay great attention to the selection of each stone and strive to find stones with individual character and personality. My father used to remind me, “Choose a stone that talks to you, a stone you can see through.” Each sculpture is a one-off and is made by working straight into the stone, without models or sketches. I place more emphasis on using imagination as a tool to visualize the piece. My fascination with natural shapes and details has led me to recognise bog oak as a suitable material to diversify the scope of my creations.

I invite you to join me this summer for a celebration of the sea.

Blessing Sanyanga, May 2013.

For more information about the exhibition check out :





Schools out Science Workshops - Easter and Summer 2014


Easter Workshop

Dates: 22nd - 24th of April

Time: 10am - 3pm

Suitable For: Students from seven to 10 years of age.


This 3 day science workshop will focus on:

1. Living Things: Discover more about animals and plants

2. Technology: Design and making

3. Engineering at the aquarium


Elements of all three will be carried out each day. Students will participate in:

-         A range of activities in the aquarium focused on marine life

-         Design and make a number of models which they can bring home

-         Carry out science classes and experiments in the Explorers Laboratory

-         Visit the Seashore (weather permitting)

-         Take part in a rocket demonstration


All students will receive a certificate and science goody bag on completion of the workshop

Cost: Per Student:   3 days: €75, 2 days: €60, 1 day: €35                         


Per subsequent student booked:   3 days: €70, 2 days: €55, 1 day: €30                                                


To Book your Place call 091-585100 or click on our mykidstime booking page below:





Science 4 Summer 2014


Dates: July: 7th - 11th, 14th-18th, 21st - 25th

          August: 4th - 8th, 11th -15th, 18th-22nd

Time: 10am- 3pm

Suitable for students from eight to 12 years of age


Discover the wonders of science at this year’s Science 4 Summer. Now in its 9th year of running, Dr Noirin will introduce students to:

- New Science Classes

- Experiments

- Design and make

- Technology

- Engineering at the Aquarium

- Science on the Seashore

- Knex Challenges

- Animal Studies

- Games

- Arts and Crafts.


Classes and experiments will be held in the Explorers Laboratory, in the aquarium and on the seashore. Students will design and make a range of models which they can bring home.


All students will receive a certificate and science goody bag on completion of the workshop


Cost: €99 per week for the 1st student. €90 for subsequent students.


To Book your Place call 091-585100 or click